Theiva snags the Obama cover!

Theiva snags the Obama cover!

This wonderful woman is Theivanai Amarthalingam, an attorney with Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) in Malaysia. Theiva had a great day on Tuesday. Not only did she score a copy of “Amazing Spiderman” # 583 (that would be the issue with Barack Obama on the cover), but she also learned of a victory in a case she has been working on in Malaysia.

What is remarkable about the ELAW network is that our partners from around the world are able to follow the proceedings at our Annual Meeting through email messages, working group notes, and photos that are sent to the network. While participants at the ELAW meeting are sharing strategies in person, those who are following the meeting from afar are also able to contribute ideas and advice from their home countries.

Sometimes our visiting partners also receive great news from their colleagues back home. Tuesday morning, one of Theiva’s colleagues, Jessica Binwani, sent a message to the group informing us of a victory in a case CAP filed against a granite quarry that is harming a water catchment area for nearby villages.  A lower court had thrown the case out on procedural grounds raised by the quarry operator, but the attorneys of CAP filed an appeal and succeeded in getting the case reinstated. The communities whose water supplies are being affected by the quarry operations will now have their day in court. To the women of CAP — Karina, Jessica, Meena, Kumaari, and Theiva — congratulations! —

Liz Mitchell

Staff Attorney