Our friends Kelly Matheson and Priscila Néri over at Witness.org are deep into editing the video they shot at the ELAW Annual Meeting and the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference last month.  Priscila posted a wonderful blog about the eye-opening experience of meeting so many amazing environmental activists.  She articulates how her interviews of  ELAW partners (such as Pablo Fajardo and Theivanai Amarthalingam) helped her better understand the connection between human rights and environmental rights.

Kelly commented on the blog entry:

“I have been an environmentalist for 22 years now. I have called myself a human rights defender for 22 years too. But until last the two conferences I attended with Priscila Néri, the author of the above post, I constantly found it difficult to articulate why and how I could be both and why I felt the discipline of human rights could not be separated from the environment. I believe Priscila’s blog articulates it well and that interview footage we will be uploading in celebration of Earth Day will articulate even further and in an increasingly convincing way, why environmental rights and human rights are one in the same.”

Be sure to check out The Hub on the Witness.org website — and look for more about ELAW on Earth Day!