ELAW is excited to be celebrating World Environment Day on Friday. This year’s theme: Your Planet Needs You-UNite to Combat Climate Change.

unepCreated by the United Nations in 1972, World Environmental Day is hosted every year on June 5th in a different city around the globe, with the intent to draw the world’s attention to environmental issues and connect the sense of their urgency with the entire global community, especially lawmakers.

Although environmental law and activism is nothing new to ELAW partners who work everyday to protect drinking water, priceless ecosystems, indigenous rights, endangered species, and much more, June 5th is an opportunity for the world’s activists to remember we are not alone. Within the ELAW network, lawyers, scientists, community members and friends share with one another our challenges and victories. And with these experiences come support, encouragement, and inspiration – and perhaps most importantly the determination it takes to keep fighting.

Lauren Ice
ELAW Office Manager