Lollie on The Hub

In another installment of The Hub’s series focusing on ELAW partners talking about the link between environmental rights and human rights, Maria Ronely “Lolly” Bisquera-Sheen is interviewed about the work that her organization (Tanggol Kalikasan – Defense of Nature) is doing to fight pollution in the Philippines.  Check it out by clicking on the photo above or clicking here:

In the Philippines, a government agency was tasked with investigating a waste treatment company that, rather than processing the waste, had been dumping it raw on agricultural land, causing great destruction. However, the agency faced a significant challenge: lack of experience with specific investigative and legal techniques for examining environmental degradation. That’s where Maria Ronely “Lolly” Bisquera-Sheen and the organization she heads, Tanggol Kalikasan, come in, providing the assistance such governmental agencies need to fight the green fight. Tanggol Kalikasan’s mission is to empower communities and institutions to manage their ecosystem through law and other creative mechanisms. Its programs include capacity building, support for environmental law enforcement, public environmental legal education, and policy advocacy. In this interview with WITNESS – part of our special ELAW series – Lolly talks about this case and the general landscape of environmental justice and human rights in the Philippines.