ELAW Partners from Kenya, Maurice Odhiambo Makoloo and Benson Ochieng, are in Copenhagen working to ensure that any agreement that is put forth at the COP15 meeting protects the interests of their country and all of Africa.  They were interviewed about the African walkout on Kenyan television.  (click on the screen to watch.)

Makoloo wrote about his experiences:

“Copenhagen generally is quite cold but the negotiations inside the Bella Centre are quite heated and hot.  Just a little update.  After the two texts had been produced the African Group argued that they would tactfully accept the two documents as being part of the working documents for the negotiations.  They soon thereafter equally submitted a document containing the African Group’s position on the issues.  Additionally they called a press conference at which they expressed their concerns at the level of lack of transparency in the process and called for a lot more good faith.  It was however, evident that given the previous leaked Danish document and now coupled with these developments, the African Group had formed the view that their partners from the developed countries were up to no good.  Their position resonated with the G77 Group and China.  It is fair to say that since then there has been a lot of mistrust among the delegates.”

President Obama is scheduled to speak in Copenhagen on Friday.  Everybody is hoping that the delegates can create a document worth all the time and effort that have gone into these talks.