I began work at ELAW 12 years ago.  My daughter Emily was five years old and we had just returned to Eugene after three years in Uganda where I worked with ELAW partners at the Uganda Wildlife Society.

Today, my daughter is in Rwanda, at a summer job at a feeding center in a refugee camp.  This photo arrived today and I was swept with emotion.

Emily says there are 19,000 Congolese Tutsis in this camp.  They have fled armed militias that terrorize civilians in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.  She says more than half the population is 10 years old or younger!  She weighed more than 200 babies earlier this week and is seen in this photo measuring out a soy/corn nutritional supplement.

My passion for international collaboration and respect for the human rights of peoples in faraway places took root during Peace Corps Service in the Philippines more than 20 years ago.  At ELAW, I have expanded my circle of friends and colleagues to grassroots advocates seeking justice in 70 countries.  Most of us are on a first name basis.

Today I am inspired by the gift of good work and the possibility of passing it on to the next generation.

Maggie Keenan
Communications Director