This week, we’ll be blogging about some of the awesome volunteers and interns who contribute so much to the ELAW network. Today’s post highlights the super-volunteers of the summer of 2010, Lacy Clark and Kelsey Gerry.

Each May, as the school year winds down and the college students head home, ELAW can be left with a volunteer void. Summer 2010, enter Lacy and Kelsey to save the day.

Lacy Clark, ELAW Super-Volunteer

Lacy Clark was a volunteer in the summer of 2009, before her freshman year at Whitman College in Washington. Lacy returned to ELAW to volunteer this summer and fell seamlessly back into her work as a smart and reliable extra hand around the office, willing to help wherever her many talents were needed. She had this to say about her work this summer:

“Volunteering at ELAW exposed me not only to issues I had no idea about, but also to the ways in which the issues I cared about were being addressed at an international level. This made me very optimistic about the future and for that I am extremely grateful.  The staff at ELAW are all motivated, dedicated, and overall great to work with.”

Kelsey Gerry, ELAW Super-Volunteer

Kelsey Gerry is a student at New York University. Back in her hometown of Eugene for a couple of months, she contacted ELAW to find out how she could make a difference and learn about environmental law on her summer vacation. She said:

“As I learned more about the organization I found it to be incredibly inspiring. As an Environmental Studies major it is easy to focus on the negative environmental causes around the globe, but my time at ELAW made me realize there is a large network of people around the world encouraging each other in the quest for environmental protection and environmental justice.”

Together these two amazing volunteers worked over 60 hours in just a few short weeks, helping track our partners’ work, update our website, contribute to a partner’s website in Belize, and more. They even helped with office composting and cleaning! In addition to being hard workers and fast learners, they were  a joy to have around.

The following super-powers are what made Lacy and Kelsey awesome volunteers:

  • Willingness to help in any capacity
  • Quick learner
  • Reliable and punctual
  • Problem solver
  • Eager to take on new challenges
  • Fun!

Thanks Lacy and Kelsey! Best of luck during the upcoming school year!

Office Manager and Volunteer Coordinator