Foremost, I am very grateful to be given the opportunity to intern at ELAW and support a worthy and salient cause.  I have a growing interest in environmental policy and conservation, specifically that of endangered species, and I think this experience at ELAW will be a great way to explore that curiosity.

Laura Knopp, ELAW Intern, Fall 2010

A bit about myself, I am an undergraduate political science student in my final year of studies at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, California, but I am originally from Canby, Oregon.  This past summer I completed an internship at San Diego Oceans Foundation, a non-profit organization.  My internship was quite an adventure, as I spent most afternoons snorkeling and educating at-risk youth about ocean stewardship.  I am now living in Eugene until the end of the year, when I am going to travel to Tanzania to study wildlife conservation and political ecology for four months.  Attempting to summit Kilimanjaro is also on the agenda.

Filling out law school applications and studying for the LSAT consumes most of my free time, because next autumn, I hope to attend law school.  These past few years have led me to think that I would find environmental law most rewarding.  When I am not studying or filling out applications, I am probably running, biking, hiking, doing yoga or pilates, playing tennis, or attempting some sort of outdoor adventure.

Even though I am only in my second week as an ELAW intern, I have already found it a highly rewarding experience, and I look forward to the weeks and months to come.  Thanks!

Laura Knopp
ELAW Intern, Fall 2010