ELAW received good news early this morning that the National Court in Papua New Guinea (PNG) issued a new injunction that blocks a Chinese nickel mining company from disposing millions of tons of mine waste into Basamuk Bay off PNG’s north coast.

The Court stated: “The Defendant shall not, pending determination of the substantive proceedings, allow mine tailings or waste to be discharged into the sea through the deep sea tailings placement system or by any other means except by express order of the National Court or the Supreme Court.”

As we told you earlier this month, the case has been full of dramatic twists and turns.  After the plaintiffs resigned from the case under suspicious circumstances and the case was dismissed, many more local residents stood up to take their place and fresh proceedings were filed.  Now, 76 indigenous landowners have joined the case!

The injunction will remain in place until the Court conducts a trial early next year.  Congratulations to the landowners, their attorney Tiffany Nonggorr, and attorney/ELAW partner Effrey Dademo (with Act Now! PNG).

Liz Mitchell
ELAW Staff Attorney