In collaboration with ELAW, the Haitian Environmental Law Association (AHDEN) and the Faculty of Law and Economics (FDSEA) at the State University of Haiti planned an international symposium to promote environmental law. Unfortunately, ELAW staff who were scheduled to land in Port au Prince the same day that Hurricane Tomas was due to hit had to cancel their travel plans.

Camps still exist in and around Port au Prince

Although the international component was canceled, environmental Law is not taught in Haiti, so it was still important for AHDEN to hold workshops.  AHDEN held a four-day seminar, November 9-12.  We were pleased that 75 students and legal professionals participated.  At the workshop, participants formed a brigade of citizens to disseminate health advice to protect our communities from cholera.

In a follow-up symposium on November 21, “The Contribution of Civil Society to the Fight Against Cholera,” AHDEN joined the scientific and technical community in the fight against cholera. We aim to provide free legal assistance to communities seeking environmental justice.

Jean Andre Victor
Haitian Environmental Law Association (AHDEN)