Our first stop was Carara National Park, where our hosts had arranged a stop on the way to our meeting site.  ELAW Amigos sat on airplanes for many, many hours before arriving in San Jose, and we appreciated the opportunity to stretch our legs before the real work started.

Scarlet Macaws

Costa Rica is a mecca for eco-tourists, and Amigos working on sustainable tourism projects at home were interested to learn about what is working well in Costa Rica.  Carara was upgraded from a biological reserve to a national park in 1998, and hosts thousands of tourists every year.

I appreciated the walk for the chance it provided to catch up with old friends, meet new friends, and share the incredible abundance of Carara’s wildlife.  Many of Costa Rica’s 800 remaining Scarlet Macaws live in this area, and the birders among us were thrilled to see these vibrant, endangered birds, among many others.

Thanks to my colleague Ritwick from New Delhi, I can share some of our sightings!

Lori Maddox
ELAW Associate Director

Poison Arrow Frog

Chestnut-mandibled Toucan

Blue-crowned Motmot