My name is Eric Robinson, and I am an ELAW volunteer! I grew up here in Eugene, and now I’m a sophomore at Williams College in Williamstown, MA where I study Math and Psychology. Williams has a one-month January term after winter break and before spring semester when students relax with one class called Winter Study. Williams offers a huge variety of classes during Winter Study, and students are encouraged to take an enjoyable class outside of their major. Last Winter Study I stayed on campus, but was left with my fifth choice class, “ECON 15: Stock Market.” So, this year I planned ahead and got to spend my January interning at ELAW.

This past month I’ve helped with a variety of different projects around the ELAW office. I spent much of my time helping Staff Attorney Jen Gleason prepare for a trip to Haiti (where she is working with the  Haitian Environmental Law Association, AHDEN) by translating materials to French and assisting with research requests. Also, I’ve been working on translating pages from the ELAW website into French, updating ELAW’s scientific and legal resources, and updating the website with new translations, such as the Chinese ones that just went up.

Outside of ELAW it’s been a beautiful January in Eugene! It hasn’t rained too much, and there have been quite a few sunny days that lent themselves well to venturing around the city. I’ve spent most of my time hanging out with friends, hiking in the hills around Lane County, and enjoying everything Eugene has to offer, including all the incredible food (Williamstown has ~8,000 people and only a few restaurants).

I head back to Massachusetts on Wednesday the 26th to dive back into school, and it goes without saying that I’ll miss getting to spend time at ELAW and around Eugene. I’ll be back briefly in the summer for jury duty (my 3rd summons in two years!), but for most of the summer and next year I’ll be at the University of Geneva in Switzerland studying psychology.

I would like to say thank you to everyone at ELAW who made my internship possible, and thanks to everyone who helped make it an interesting and productive experience!

Eric Robinson
2011 ELAW Intern

Editor’s note: Eric has been enormously helpful, working independently and always with a positive attitude. He has provided ELAW with hours of solid, timely work. We are thrilled that he has found his experience interesting and beneficial. We wish him luck at Williams and hope that his experience in Geneva is rewarding. Thanks Eric – We will miss you too!