The New York Times and media around the world are reporting on the court decision ordering Chevron to pay $9 billion in damages for polluting remote areas of Ecuadorean jungle.  The decision was announced on Monday by Judge Nicolás Zambrano in Lago Agrio, Ecuador.

Pablo Fajardo

ELAW partner Pablo Fajardo, a lawyer for the plaintiffs, has fought a long, hard battle to win this victory against oil giant Chevron.  I am thrilled that ELAW has been able to help Pablo with legal and scientific support.  Pablo traveled to Eugene for an ELAW Fellowship in 2009.  Over his three months in Eugene, he was able to gain valuable skills and all of us at ELAW in Eugene, Oregon, enjoyed working with Pablo.  He has boundless courage and speaks truth to power.

When Pablo announced his victory on the ELAW network, people all over the world joined in the celebration.  Through the ELAW network, Pablo has received heartfelt congratulations from colleagues in more than 20 countries.  His victory is inspiring ELAW advocates all over the world, at the same time ELAW advocates are rallying in solidarity with Pablo.

This court decision from Ecuador is a huge step forward, but the struggle for justice is far from over.  As Pablo continues onward and upward, the ELAW network will be supporting him every step of the way.

Bern Johnson
Executive Director
Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide