ELAW Fellow María and Ems Player Luis Felipe De La Cruz

Last Thursday, ELAW was the Featured Nonprofit at the Eugene Emeralds baseball game against the Tri-City Dust Devils.

The game was special to all of us at ELAW for a number of reasons: ELAW Executive Director Bern Johnson threw out the first pitch, our current ELAW Fellow María is a big baseball fan from the Dominican Republic, and lots of local ELAW fans and families came out to show their support.

The best part for me was sharing the game with  my 6 year-old son, Aidan. It was easy to get Aidan to go to an Ems game. He has been playing baseball since he was about 3. He loves going to Ems games, which we do regularly, and we’ve even been to see a Giants game in San Francisco.

Aidan and I at the game

Taking Aidan to the game was another way to share my passion for the environment and for ELAW with him. Part of the reason I work at ELAW is that I want to ensure Aidan inherits a planet free of oil spills, clear cut forests, and toxic nuclear waste.

When he is older, I hope Aidan will choose to support the environment as many other ELAW children have done: Samantha Atukunada, daughter of Uganda’s Kenneth Kakuru at Greenwatch; Pedro Leon Gutierrez, son of Raquel Gutierrez of Mexico’s Instituto de Derecho Ambiental (IDEA); and Harper Johnson, daughter of ELAW’s Executive Director Bern Johnson. It’s only with the help of the next generation that we can ensure that the more just, sustainable world we are working to create will remain intact.

Go Ems!  Go ELAW!

Glenn Gillis
Information Technology Manager