L to R: Lorraine Kerwood (NextStep Executive Director), Gustavo Granados (NextStep Receiving Floor Supervisor), and Yimy Chirinos

ELAW Fellow Yimy Chirinos had a chance this week to visit a state-of-the-art facility for recycling electronics — NextStep Recycling. Yimy is a new judge in Honduras.  His ELAW Fellowship is making it possible for him to study English, learn about environmental law, and visit local non-profits that are taking a stand for the environment.

Discarded electronics contaminate the environment.  NextStep Executive Director Lorraine Kerwood shared with Yimy best practices for recycling electronics and keeping them out of the waste stream.  Yimy will have a chance to use this information when he returns to Roatan in December.

Many thanks to Lorraine, Gustavo Granados, Elver Jiminez, and everyone at NextStep for sharing their recycling wisdom with Yimy and past ELAW Fellows.

Maggie Keenan
Communications Director