In late 2009, our partners at Pro Public in Nepal won a tremendous victory: The Supreme Court ordered the government to clean up leaking containers of pesticides and send them back to the countries they came from. Some of the leaking containers were stored next to a schoolyard in Amlekhgunj, south of Kathmandu.  Every day, children had to cross a contaminated field to get to school. Many children suffered from skin rashes, vomiting, and fainting.

Now, Pro Public has won another victory and the pesticides are getting cleaned up. The Supreme Court ordered the government to clean up the pesticides within one year of the initial ruling, but the government dragged its heels.  When the government had done nothing nearly two years after the court handed down its ruling, our partners threatened to file a contempt case for failure to obey the court order. Finally, the government of Nepal arranged foreign assistance to help remove the pesticides. Over the next two months more than 75 tons of pesticides will be returned to Germany for safe disposal.

This victory will help protect children and strengthen the rule of law in Nepal.

Our partners at Pro Public remain committed to protecting citizens from pesticides and will continue working to enforce the court’s momentous 2009 ruling.

Congratulations to everyone at Pro Public!

Michele Kuhnle
Donor Liaison