Casey, Sophie, and Aleah help with a mailing

ELAW provides a rare opportunity for students and community volunteers in Eugene to get involved in international conservation efforts. Lucky us! We have had students come from all across the country to work with us, and they join many community volunteers to amplify ELAW’s impact by donating their hours, hearts, and expertise.

Last night we hosted about a dozen current volunteers for pizza and appreciation (about half of the number working here now). Because Melanie, our volunteer coordinator, acts as a very efficient air traffic controller,  sometimes people come and go without me knowing what they are doing! Last night I met people who have translated information into Russian, Chinese, Spanish and more Spanish. I learned that one volunteer is helping us build web sites for our partners in the Caribbean. And others are cheerfully doing the mundane work that keeps the engine running – working with databases and stuffing envelopes.

I left the gathering feeling inspired by the people who are choosing to add value to our work with their valuable time. And grateful that ELAW provides a conduit for Eugene citizens to have an impact around the world.

Thanks again to our volunteers!

Lori Maddox
Associate Director