Elena at the Eugene Weekly photo shoot.

ELAW Fellows from around the world have landed in Eugene!

I brought them to The Eugene Weekly yesterday, for interviews with reporter Camilla Mortensen and photos with Art Director Todd Cooper.

Watch the newsstand on Thursday!

Our partners are here to work with us to protect Lake Baikal, clean up polluting mining operations, and win justice for marginalized communities.

“This will be a fruitful cooperation,” says Elena Chernobrovkina.  Elena is International Program Coordinator at the Buryat Regional Organization for Lake Baikal, based in Ulan Ude, Russia.

The following are brief profiles of Elena and ELAW Fellows from Russia, Mongolia, Haiti, and Guatemala:

Sergey Shapkhaev & Elena Chernobrovkina
Sergey is the Director of the Buryat Regional Organization (BRO) for Lake Baikal.  He works to help protect the biological and cultural diversity of Lake Baikal.  Elena is the International Program Coordinator. They are working together with ELAW and partners in Mongolia to protect the Lake Baikal and Selenga River watershed from threats posed by dams, pipelines, and mining operations, on both sides of the border.

Camilla Mortensen interviews ELAW Fellows (L to R): Roles Theard, Erdenechimeg Dashdorj, and Bazardad Nanjindorj.

Erdenechimeg “Chimgee” Dashdorj & Bazarsad Nanjindorj
Chimgee is an attorney at the Center for Human Rights and Development in Mongolia.  She is working to protect nomadic communities and waterways from polluting mining operations. Her organization has also taken on air pollution in Ulaanbaatar.

Bazarsad is an attorney and consultant at the Center for Human Rights and Development, and Executive Director at the newly launched Public Interest Lawyers’s Initiative in UB.  He works together with Chimgee and colleagues to protect human and environmental rights in Mongolia.

Rolès Théard
Rolès is an attorney at the Haitian Environmental Law Association (AHDEN).  Haiti has been devastated by deforestation and soil erosion. Roles is working with ELAW to educate communities about the importance of environmental protection and to ensure that proposed mining projects do not pollute and further destroy fragile ecosystems.

Lucia Xiloj
Lucia is a human rights lawyer at the Rigoberta Menchú Tum Foundation.  She represents indigenous leaders in Guatemala who are challenging polluting mining operations. Lucia will be a key note speaker, on Friday, at the 30th annual Public Interest Environmental Law Conference.

Many thanks to the Trust for Mutual Understanding and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation for supporting the ELAW Fellowship Program.

Maggie Keenan
Communications Director