ELAW works worldwide to protect communities and the environment, but what do we do to make a positive impact in our local community?

ELAW staff members with their bikes during the          Business Commute Challenge.

This week, ELAW is teaming up with more than 150 local businesses and organizations to participate in Eugene’s annual Business Commute Challenge. Many ELAW employees bike or ride the bus to work on a regular basis. By tracking the number of miles we commute by walking, biking, riding the bus, or carpooling this week, we can see the difference that ELAW employees are making. When combined with data from all challenge participants, we can see the collective impact of choosing alternative transportation options May 12th-18th.

Last year, Business Commute Challenge participants reduced single-passenger vehicle travel by nearly 93,000 miles, preventing 75,270 pounds of carbon dioxide from being emitted.

Collectively, participants also saved about $18,000 in gas money.

Make what difference you can in your community, because local actions have global impact.

Walk the talk, bike the talk.

Many thanks to everyone from Point 2 Point Solutions of Lane Transit District for making the Business Commute Challenge such a fun and successful event!

Melanie Giangreco
ELAW Office Manager