ELAW is thrilled to welcome Thuli Brilliance Makama of Swaziland as ELAW’s newest Fellow. Thuli arrived yesterday, to train with ELAW staff.

During her stay she will enhance her skills, research, and collaborate with ELAW staff to boost ELAW’s work in Africa.  ELAW will collaborate with Thuli to strengthen ties with existing partners, reach out to new lawyers, and help build connections between lawyers and law organizations across the continent.

Thuli is well-known within the African environmental law community because of her long commitment to protecting the rights of communities to live in a healthy environment. She is also well-known in Africa and abroad as a 2010 recipient of the Goldman Prize.

ELAW is thrilled and honored to have Thuli with us in Eugene and we look forward to connecting her with our local community. After Thuli settles in, we hope she will travel with us to learn about the work of NGOs in the Northwest and across the country.

Welcome Thuli!

Jen Gleason
Staff Attorney