My daughter Olivia

Earlier this month, I was proud to see the Register-Guard publish a news story about my daughter’s participation in a lawsuit to require the State of Oregon to take bolder, more aggressive action to decrease greenhouse gas emissions. My daughter’s lawsuit is part of a nationwide legal effort to protect our climate.

For the preservation of our environment, there is no issue more pressing than averting catastrophic warming of the Earth’s atmosphere, which would lead to mass extinctions and human suffering associated with harm to our food and water security.  This year, 38 percent of the contiguous United States has experienced severe to extreme drought.  July was the hottest month on record: the average temperature of the continental U.S. was 77.5 degrees F.  What we have experienced this summer foreshadows what we might suffer if we do not quickly decrease the amount of greenhouse gases we are pumping into the atmosphere.

As the next generation mobilizes into action, ELAW is making climate change a high priority.  Part of ELAW’s commitment is ensuring that the impacts of global warming are considered at the planning stage of proposed developments.  We are helping our partners around the world make legally and scientifically strong arguments to prevent emissions of greenhouse gases that would come from coal-fired power plants, cement plants, and mining projects in tropical forests.

Mark Chernaik
Staff Scientist