As ELAW’s Information Technology manager, I help ELAW partners around the world use technology to further their work protecting communities and the environment.

Emilio d'Curie, Honduras

Emilio D’Cuire

Most recently, I helped Emilio D’Cuire from the Instituto de Derecho Ambiental de Honduras (IDAMHO) create a website using the open source content management system, Drupal.  Drupal is amazing software that will allow IDAMHO to create news, blogs and other types of content without help from experienced website developers. The website will enable IDAMHO to connect with local community members and international supporters to further its goals of protecting Honduras from mining abuses and preventing damage to the Mesoamerican Reef.

ELAW supporter and collaborator Josh Vincent of Eugene is designing a logo and color scheme for IDAMHO’s website and Emilio and I are learning to use the new Drupal version 7.  (ELAW has  developed websites for other NGOs using Drupal version 6, but version 7 introduces additional features and administration techniques.)

While Emilio was in Eugene, I worked with him to identify components he would like the website to have and trained him to manage the website’s content using Drupal’s tools.  Now that Emilio has returned home, he will train his colleagues to use the new system.

Drupal Content Management System

I am always looking for ways to help ELAW partners use open source software, which improves our network’s information technology systems and saves money compared to purchasing proprietary software licenses.  I have believed for years that the open, collaborative nature of open source software is a perfect match for the NGO world.  Based upon this belief, I have steered ELAW’s technology use toward open source projects such as Linux and the Drupal Content Management System.  Other examples of ELAW’s successful use of Drupal include our website, the Grand Slam Alliance’s website, and the Belize Institute of Environmental Law And Policy’s website.

Glenn Gillis
Information Technology Manager