The Karen outside the courthouse

Karen villagers outside the courthouse

Earlier this month, local communities in Thailand won an enormous victory.

For decades, a lead mine contaminated water, soil, and wildlife near Klity Creek with toxic waste. Though the mine shut down in 1998, the pollution remained. Nearly 15 years later, soil samples still showed levels of lead five times the Thai soil standard. The ethnic Karen villagers living near the creek could no longer use their only source of water or take fish from the creek, endangering their health and livelihoods.

ELAW partners at EnLAW sought justice for the villagers and called on us for help. ELAW scientists sent information about the hazards of lead contamination and ways to clean contaminated sites.

EnLAW used this information to make the case for cleaning the creek.  The court found that the government had not done its duty to protect the villagers and ordered it to clean the creek and compensate the villagers.

Read more here: Court orders state to compensate in Klity Creek case.

Congratulations to everyone at EnLAW!

Michele Kuhnle
Donor Liaison