slp-smileI think you will enjoy reading a recent op-ed by ELAW Board Member Scott Pope, CFP, regarding the University of Oregon students’ vote for the UO Foundation to divest its fossil fuel stocks. In the Eugene Weekly, Scott writes:

The UO Foundation has a choice to be a leader, to be ahead of the curve and to be proactive. In the investment world it is often easier and more cost effective to be ahead of change and be relevant. The UO Foundation should applaud the divestment vote by the students and foster a thoughtful, transparent debate about how the UO can best help move us away from fossil fuels…. In coming years, these students will feel the worst impacts of the damage we are doing our climate now, and we owe it to them, and future generations, to begin moving away from fossil fuels. We need to act now.

Read Scott’s piece here.

All of us at ELAW applaud Scott’s leadership on this issue.

Bern Johnson
Executive Director