A new report published by the Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide concludes that courts in several countries are poised to pursue climate justice.

Holding Corporations Accountable for Damaging the Climate“Some people are profiting enormously from damaging the climate, while others will bear the costs of that climate damage,” says Jennifer Gleason, ELAW Staff Attorney.

Jen led a research team of ELAW partners from the United States, India, Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico, and Kenya to identify jurisdictions around the world where strong cases could be filed to hold corporations accountable for damaging the climate.

The report states:

“The damage that humans are doing to the global climate may be one of the gravest injustices of all time…. Many who will suffer the most are contributing almost nothing to the damage. The fundamental purpose of legal systems and courts is to prevent and remedy injustices, and we appreciate this opportunity to mobilize courts to prevent and remedy this grave injustice…

“Courts in several countries . . . are poised to bring justice to victims of climate damages. . . . Requiring corporations causing climate impacts to compensate damaged communities would help remedy the injustice of climate change, internalize costs of greenhouse gas emissions, make corporations tremble at the prospect of further damage awards, and thus help prevent further harm.”

The report, available in English and Spanish, was made possible through generous support from the Wallace Global Fund:

Holding Corporations Accountable for Damaging the Climate

Responsabilizando a las Corporaciones por Danar el Clima

Maggie Keenan
Communications Director