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ELAW commute challenge bikes

ELAW's indoor bike parking got a little crowded!

Every year, ELAW Staff members participate in the Eugene Business Commute Challenge. This year was no different – except that it was a little colder and wetter than in years past – and we made the local news!

Managed by point2point Solutions (formerly Commuter Solutions), a regional agency that promotes alternative means of transportation, the Challenge is a week-long incentive program that aims to get a few more people to try alternate means to get to work. ELAW was one of over 169 teams to participate. Even with the soggy weather, participation in the Challenge was up this year from last.

Prizes and giveaways were sponsored by tons of great local businesses including ELAW supporters Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life and Newman’s Fish Market.  ELAW’s IT Manager Glenn and I took full advantage of the daily incentives, and got free Off the Waffle waffles and Rally Roasters Coffee at Friday’s Bike Day breakfast.  Next year we’re aiming for even more participation!

ELAW Office Manager
Bicycle Commuter

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