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the law of energy for sustainable development

EPL’s symposium was held in honor of EPL founder Svitlana Kravchenko

ELAW partners at Environment-People-Law say clean, green, energy independence will protect Ukrainians and fragile resources while boosting national security.  Energy was featured at EPL’s international symposium in Lviv last month: “Human Rights and Environment in a New Ukraine.

Ukraine has been identified as one of the world’s most energy inefficient countries and relies on imports to meet its energy needs.

“We depend on natural gas, coal, and uranium, and import about 40% of our fuel to meet our needs,” says Olena Kravchenko, EPL Executive Director. “Moving beyond fossil fuels should help reduce conflict in eastern Ukraine and will help us build a more sustainable new Ukraine.”

ELAW Staff Attorney Jennifer Gleason gave a presentation at the symposium: “Energy Independence for Ukraine.”  Jen teaches energy law at the University of Oregon School of Law and has worked with ELAW partners around the world to advance green energy.  EPL has called on Jen to help craft a sustainable energy plan for Ukraine.

“I arrived in Ukraine from Germany where our partners at UfU had hosted the 2014 ELAW Annual Meeting,” says Jen.  “Sound policies have helped Germany surpass its goals for obtaining energy from sustainable sources. We are eager to help EPL draw on this experience. The key will be getting citizens to engage in improving energy efficiency. “

We will keep you informed of ELAW’s work answering EPL’s call for help to reduce Ukraine’s dependence on energy imports, while improving energy efficiency and promoting generation of electricity from sustainable sources.

Maggie Keenan
Communications Director

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Two weeks ago, I participated in a conference sponsored by the CUB Policy Center and the University of Oregon School of Law to address the future of energy efficiency in Oregon.  Governor Kitzhaber’s draft 10-year energy plan calls for Oregon to meet 100% of its load growth through energy efficiency measures.  Yes, that is right – 100% of growth over the next ten years. The Governor’s plan is smart – not only is it the best way for Oregon to address climate change, but it will also create local jobs.

More states and countries need to prioritize energy efficiency measures because they are often the least expensive way to add more resources to the grid, they address the urgent climate crisis, and they create local jobs – you can’t outsource retrofitting a commercial building.

CUB managed to pull together a phenomenal group of people – including the people who first helped Oregon become a leader in efficiency and the new generation of energy experts who will help Oregon take the next big leap forward.  Putting together a robust package of policies and programs that will enable Oregon to continue being a leader in energy efficiency is a big challenge – the conference was a good look back at what has been accomplished and a good start to the discussion about how to move forward.

ELAW is working with partners around the world to ensure that energy planning includes energy efficiency as a priority resource.

Jen Gleason
ELAW Staff Attorney

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