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We are thrilled to welcome three summer interns to ELAW! Our internship program is one of the many ways we engage with students interested in learning more about public interest environmental law and help them gain experience in the field. Interns come to us from all around the country and from many different backgrounds. Each brings a unique perspective and we are excited to begin working with them.

Zach, Aleah, and Rachel

This summer, we have two legal interns who will be researching the answers to legal questions posed by our partners around the world. Rachel Rivers is entering her third year of law school at Pennsylvania State University. Rachel grew up in the Bay area which she says “exposed [her] to a culture focused on reducing one’s carbon footprint, and working for change,” and informs her interest in working at ELAW. She has an interest in the intersection between human rights and the environment and looks forward to learning more about issues of displacement of native and local communities for the sake of environmental protection. We also welcome Zach Klonoski who is entering his third year at the University of Oregon Law School. A native Oregonian, Zach has a particular interest in climate change and energy legislation.

We also welcome our Summer program intern Aleah Jaeger who will be working on many projects throughout the summer. Aleah is a rising junior at Whitman College pursuing a degree in Environmental Science and Sociology with a minor in French.  She will use her French skills to translate documents and help partners in the Caribbean with their websites. She will also be working with ELAW Communications Director Maggie Keenan on our Fellowship program.

We are ecstatic to welcome these new faces to our office. They bring an enthusiasm and willingness to learn that is refreshing and inspiring. We hope they too will be inspired by their experience in public interest environmental law and will continue this important work far into the future.

Michele Kuhnle
Donor Liaison

Last week, ELAW’s Michele Kuhnle blogged about the benefits of supporting international work. Many groups, like ELAW, work across borders to achieve lasting change through high-impact work at low costs. The Seattle International Foundation (SIF) is one example of an international group that we love, because they are making a big impact by connecting the human network throughout Central America and around the globe.

ELAW Partner, Clarisa Vega works in Honduras

SIF works globally, providing grants in three areas:  Program Support; Collaboration & Networks; and Research & Special Events. Within their Central America Program, SIF works to alleviate poverty by utilizing three strategies:  Micro-finance; Leadership Development; and Public Policy.

In late 2010, ELAW and SIF teamed up to host the “Uniendo Esfuerzos Centroamericanos,” a three-day conference in San Jose, Costa Rica, where advocates from around the region gathered to discuss women’s issues, environmental concerns, indigenous rights, at-risk youth community, and other critical issues. Advocates shared lessons and strategies and built alliances and partnerships to address these concerns. Mauricio Vivero, SIF Executive Director, and Michele Frix, SIF Program Officer, were at the meeting. There were also many ELAW Staff and ELAW Partners from all around the Central American Region.

ELAW Executive Director, Bern Johnson, ELAW Staff Attorney Jen Gleason, ELAW Partner Maurice Makoloo, and ELAW Staff Attorney Liz Mitchell attended the conference

Lori Maddox, ELAW Associate Director, focuses much of her energy on the Central America region and collaborating with ELAW partners there who are working to protect the environment and communities from destructive mining, offshore oil drilling, and unsustainable development. Lori attended the conference and here is what she had to say:

It was exciting to meet new allies working on poverty alleviation and youth and women’s empowerment and connect them with ELAW partners working to protect natural resources and defend human rights. We all know that both poverty and natural resource destruction in Central America violate basic human rights. And both problems affect the same people, because of the economic chasm that exists between rich and poor. We all deserve to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and live with dignity. The combined networks of SIF and ELAW in Central America have the power to make lasting change. I am inspired by our emerging partnership.

SIF created a fantastic video of the days’ events, highlighting many of the workshop’s participants and objectives. Watch the video here.  (If you have problems viewing the video, try allowing the video to buffer, or turn off the HD.)

Lauren Ice
ELAW Office Manager

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